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Difference between cricket betting and casino betting

People who are cricket enthusiast, follow the sport and watch the matches might want to try and turn that knowledge into profit. While becoming a cricket manager might be a bit off for someone who hasnít received any professional training or education, earning money by betting on cricket is not an impossible scenario.

Betting on sports betting sites and at online casinos is quite popular and that is hardly surprising. After all, betting is an opportunity to earn a pretty large amount of money, often with a smaller bet and even if that doesnít happen too often, people are enticed by the prospect. If youíre a fan of online casino betting, and even if you arenít, you are probably aware that there is a great number of online casinos that offer all sorts of popular casino games. Some of the top Netent casinos are visited by a large number of players from all over the world on a daily basis. Even though there is a significant similarity between cricket betting and casino betting, it has to be noted that the two are also quite different. Below, we explain the differences between them.

Cricket betting
Betting on cricket is all about understanding the game, knowing how well each team performs at the current period and know what sports betting is all about in general and how it works. It also involves a certain degree of mathematics.

When youíre betting on a cricket match, youíre making an educated guess on the outcome of that particular match. It doesnít even matter what branch of cricket weíre talking about, even though nowadays most people would bet on T20 cricket as it offers faster action and punters donít have to wait as much for the outcome.

So, letís say that youíre betting on the outcome of a single match that is part of the World Cricket League Championship. You may place a bet on which team is going to win. If thereís a draw option you can place a bet on each of the teams or the draw. The draw no bet option eliminates the draw as an option and you can only bet on one of the teams. The odds will be smaller for the team which is considered to be the favourite and larger for the underdog.

In addition to betting on the outcome of the match, you can also bet on which team is going to win the toss coin, which player will be the top first inns batsman for each of the teams, or top first inns bowler. You may also bet on the method of the first wicket, on the total number of runs, which player is going to be the man of the match, as well as many more options. When betting, punters need to check the odds with different online bookmakers, to see whether some of them offer better odds on the markets that they are planning to bet on.

In addition to betting on individual matches it is also possible to bet on the outcome of tournaments and competitions, even before they begin. For example, you can bet on which team is going to win the World Cup, even if there are months before the first match takes place.

Sure, a certain amount of luck is required, but it is hardly unlikely that you will win anything if you donít understand what youíre betting on, i.e. if you donít know anything about cricket.

Casino betting
As opposed to cricket betting, winning on casino betting requires a larger degree of luck and practically no amount of knowledge. If we exclude the very few casino games that require skills, in most cases players only need to know the rules of each game and in some cases there arenít even any rules.

Slots are the most popular casino games, and in order to place a bet on a slot game it is only necessary to click a button and wait for the reels to spin. No knowledge or judgement is required, you just have to wait for a few seconds. Similarly, if you are wagering on roulette, you will only have to wait for the wheel to spin and see whether youíve won or not.

Even in blackjack where you can actually decide whether you want to hit or stay, it is more about luck then knowledge. It all boils down to what kind of cards youíre dealt. When it comes to casino betting the only thing that you need to think about is your bankroll management, i.e. not to spend too much money at once.

A small, yet important difference

So, even though both forms of betting involve risking an amount of money, where the amounts that are invested and the expected gains may vary, and they usually depend on the statistical probability for a win to happen, betting on cricket requires a higher degree of understanding and knowledge of the game, whereas casino betting involves smaller degrees of skills and knowledge.

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